Taran Butler was born in Hollywood and grew up in Southern California on a horse ranch watching cowboy western films and shooting single action revolvers and lever action rifles at coke cans with his brother. In 1994 Taran shot an indoor bowling pin match with a borrowed Glock 24 and won. He shot his first Southwest Pistol League match in January 1995 with a Glock 21. He was instantly hooked. He went from unclassified to Grandmaster in just a little over a year and was the first person in USPSA history to do so using a Glock. Taran shot every match he could afford to go to and watched and learned from all best shooters he could. The first major match Taran went to was the Linea De Fuego Alpine Area 2 Championship in 1996 where he won the Limited Division. From then on, Taran has been a winning freak in the competitive shooting sports.
Taran is considered the most versatile shooter in the world. He has won major pistol championships in USPSA Open, Limited, Limited 10, Production, and Single Stack divisions. He has won IDPA National titles, Steel Challenge World Championships, and IPSC World Shoot Gold Medals in countries around the world.
Taran is not only an expert pistol shooter, he is also an expert with rifles and shotguns. He won the first Three Gun match he ever competed in, the 5dogs Winter Classic in the late 90s and has been a dominating force in the Three Gun sports ever since. He is the first and only USPSA Multigun Triple Crown National Champion by winning the Limited, Tactical, and Open Divisions. He has won the Superstition 3 Gun Match for eleven years in a row and that’s a match that draws top competitors from all over the country. He used Tactical gear to win the Ft Benning Open Championship against all the best Open Division shooters in the world. This is the equivalent to winning a motocross race on a bicycle.
Taran is the only person to every win the Arizona Triple Crown by winning the Western States Single Stack Championship, Superstition 3 Gun Championship, and Area 2 in Limited and Open divisions in the same year. He has won all three of these matches, three years in a row.
No other shooter has ever won so many different types of pistol and Multigun championships.
Taran has used his talents to become one of the most well-known professional shooters. He is sponsored by companies that he believes in and is proud to use and promote their gear. Taran’s mom told him before she passed to never sell out and shooter lesser quality guns just for the sponsorship money. He only uses the gear that he considers the best.
Taran has been a valuable asset to Hollywood and the film making business. Taran has trained movie producers, directors and actors including James Cameron, Michael Mann, Jennifer Garner, Collin Farrell, Chris Hemsworth, and Josh Duhamel and the list goes on and on. Taran has worked on location or hosted movie training at his 20 acre range for many films including Public Enemies, Miami Vice, Transformers, The Kingdom, Avatar, and Charlie’s Angels. Taran is a reoccurring guest expert on History Channel’s Top Shot and helps out with choosing guns and equipment to be used on the show.
Taran is fortunate enough to have his own 20 acre shooting range in his backyard. He is always testing and evaluating new products. He has nearly two decades of experience in seeing what works and what doesn’t work on making guns run smoother and shoot better. His goal with any gun is to make it as accurate, reliable, cosmetically stunning and economical as possible. Compromise is not an option. Taran has an eye for detail and is always looking for the competitive edge. In a sport that’s won by fractions of a second, Taran knows his guns and equipment are second to none.
Competitive Shooting Accomplishments
• 11-Time Superstition Mountain Mystery Multi Gun Tactical Champion
• USPSA Multi Gun Triple Crown National Champion
• 4-Time USPSA Multi Gun National Tactical Champion
• 1-Time USPSA Multi Gun National Open Champion
• 1-Time USPSA Multi Gun National Limited Champion
• 3-Time IPSC World Shoot Standard Gold Medal Team Champion
• Rockcastle Shotgun Championship – Overall Winner
• 3-Time Rocky Mountain World Tactical Champion
• 5-Time Ft. Benning Multi Gun Tactical Champion
• 1-Time Ft Benning Multi Gun Open Champion
• 1 -Time Ft Benning Multi Gun Team Champion
• 2-Time LaRue Tactical Overall Champion
• FNH Midwest Tactical Champion
• FNH Midwest Open Division 1st Grandmaster
• 2-Time IDPA National Champion
• 3-Time Western States Single Stack Champion
• 2-Time USPSA Single Stack Nationals First GM Champion
• DPMS Tri Gun Challenge Tactical Champion
• Pro-Am Match 1st Grandmaster Tactical
• USPSA Limited 10 Shootoffs Champion
• 2-Time USPSA INFINITY OPEN Limited Champion
• 5-Time Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Champion IDPA
• 2-Time USPSA Area-1 Limited Champion
• 1-Time USPSA Area-2 Open Champion
• 4-Time USPSA Area-2 Limited Champion
• 1-Time USPSA Area-2 Tactical Champion
• 1-Time USPSA Area-5 Tactical Champion
• 1-Time USPSA Area-6 Tactical Champion
• 1-Time USPSA Area-7 Limited Champion
• 1-Time USPSA Area-8 Limited First Grandmaster
• 2-Time R&R Racing Multigun Challenge – Overall Match Winner
• West Coast Production and Single Stack Dual Championship – Single Stack
• Latin American Championships in Ecuador First GM Standard Division
• Texas State Limited [First Grandmaster]
• Texas State 3-Gun Tactical Champion
• Texas State Open Championship
• Michigan World Shoot Qualifier – Overall Winner Standard Division
• West Coast Championship Limited Champion
• 3-Time USPSA Linea De Fuego Limited Champion
• 7-Time USPSA Golden Bullet Limited Champion
• 10-Time USPSA Silver Buckle Limited Champion
• 1-Time IDPA California State Championship [SSP Champion]
• 3-Time IDPA California State Championship [ESP Champion]
• 10-Time California State 3-Gun Championship – Overall Match Winner
• X-3 Multi Gun Championship – Overall Match Winner
• 4-Time West Coast Championship Limited Champion
• XD Challenge Overall Match Winner
• GSSF Glockmeister Challenge StockMeister, Unlimited and Competition Division’s “Never Ending” Champion
• 21-Time Southwest Pistol League Champion


California, United States

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