We started Lone Star Defense & Arms for several reasons. We frequently had different friends and family members coming to us, each asking questions or seeking advice on several different topics. At one time, we also were asking these same type of questions:
Where can I find the best price on a handgun?
What options do I have if I want to protect myself but don’t want a gun?
Where can I go to take a good CHL class?
What makes a .380 different from 9mm or 40 caliber? What does that all mean?
Many of those we knew (including ourselves) were simply too embarrassed to ask questions at a traditional gun shop, big box sporting goods store or gun range - few places had the answers or even the time to answer them. Often times it is just pretty darn intimidating, especially when dealing with so many brands, options, calibers, sizes, etc. with just firearms alone.


8314 Long Point Road, Houston, Texas 77055, United States

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