Gallenson's Gun Shop, The Gigantic Little Gun Shop, located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, is Utah's oldest firearms retailer and continues to be the number one store for all of your firearms, ammunition, shooting accessory, and reloading needs.
Whether you are a first time shooter, looking for a plinking gun or personal or home defense firearm, or a life-long enthusiast, looking to add to your collection or upgrade to the newest precision target rifle, Gallenson's Gun Shop has an extensive selection of new and used firearms to satisfy your needs. If we don't have the exact handgun or rifle you are looking for, we are always happy to order it for you.
If you are more interested in the economy or the finer points of accuracy that can only be achieved through reloading, Gallenson's Gun Shop has a broad selection of reloading equipment. From presses to powder, bullets to brass, primers to manuals, dies to cleaners, and many other items along the way, we stock it all. While our reloading inventory alone exceeds most other shops, it is not what makes us the best, for that we rely on our reloading experts whose knowledge and experience surpasses even the large chain stores. If you are looking to start reloading as a potentially economical hobby or are trying to refine your load to bring your group size tighter than you ever dreamed possible, we can help.
At Gallenson's Gun Shop, we take a customer loyalty driven approach to sales that extends to every customer that comes in our store. We do not pay our staff based on commission so that we can focus on meeting each individual customers needs rather than our pay checks. We know that not every customer that visits us is ready to purchase and we want each customer to be completely comfortable and educated on their selection before they spend their hard earned money. We hope that by taking the time to establish a friendly, service driven, relationship with our customers, they will become, as so many other generations have, loyal and life-long friends


166 200 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111, United States

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